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‘I was racially abused by Suarez”~Evra

Manchester United former Captain and Left back revealed what transpired between former Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez and him at Anfield nine years ago.

Speaking on Utd podcast earlier today said that he marked Luis Suarez in that very game, so when it was time for a corner kick he went  close to Suarez  and he spoke Spanish saying “Don’t touch me”, “I don’t  speak to Negros”.

He actually thought Patrice Evra didn’t understand Spanish, Patrice was upset but he had to control himself on the pitch and the referee asked him to stay calm and not to do any silly thing on the pitch so they’d talk about that when the game is over.

Later, both players were Called to hearing and Luis Suarez said “Negro” meant ‘Friend’ which wasn’t true so he was fined by the FA.

However, Patrice Evra had threats from Liverpool fans and he had to get personal security at home and everywhere he goes just to keep him safe.

The former captain also revealed thay he had a mail from Liverpool chairman apologizing for what happened and their doors are always opened to him.

Former captain insisted that he can’t call Suarez a Racist because he doesn’t know him personally and he’s at Peace with him.



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