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‘PLAGUE’ Episode in Dead Zone Predicted Covid-19 and Chloroquine.

A TV series aired from 2002-2006

Dead Zone is a TV series aired from 2002-2006 on the USA Network. In 2003 Dead Zone episode, there’s no doubt that the episode is so similar to what we’re experiencing now, that’s the covid-19.

In the description for Season 2 episode 14 – PLAGUE reads: “When J.J. falls prey to a deadly new virus sweeping across the Northeast, Johnny must use his powers to solve a medical mystery in time to save his son’s life.”

There are a lot of things about the episode that remind people of what’s happening now with the coronavirus.

Johnny(the protagonist) talks about how he saw a vision of a virus and he was asked if it was SARS. He said it’s highly infectious and maybe fatal and that’s all he knows. He suggests locking down the entire school so it doesn’t spread. Of course, people got mad about the idea of locking them all down. Then there was a discussion about wearing masks, which is seen as a bad idea for political reasons.

In a later scene, they talk about how the virus is airborne and quite efficient. “Blood tests and swabs aren’t telling us much,” one character said. The virus causes high fever and respiratory distress. Just like COVID-19, the incubation period for this virus is just 48 hours.

Plaque episode of Dead Zone spoke about Heat and the fact that CDC would take months to track down the outbreak.

However, they revealed the virus originated in China. They also spoke about how long it took to isolate the coronavirus that caused SARS.

Johnny the protagonist identified the virus from a vision, but he’s told there’s no cure. Then Johnny writes on the board “CHLOROQUIN”. He’s told it’s an anti-malarial drug and he responds, “No, listen, it suppresses the enzymes!”

Johnny passes out and wakes up to learn that they started everyone on chloroquine and stopped the virus “dead in its tracks.”

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