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Rapper Yaw Grey Unveils Afrocan Album’s Art Work.

Afrocan Album Drops Tomorrow.

After several months of public awareness about the Afrocan Album, Rapper Yaw Grey have finally unveiled the art work for the  Afrocan Album which would be officially released tomorrow.

The Rapper However elaborated on the name of the Album, what it stands for and what it actually portraits in a short speech saying:

“Hello people, I go by the name YAW GREY.”

“And afrocan is my album”.
“Why the name Afrocan?”
“I believe it’s only one race that can have Afro on”.
“And that is the African”.
“That’s the black race”.
“If other race can really do big and explore”.
“I believe we can as Africans”.
“And I believe as a young man and a young lady from Africa, we can sell Africa in the African way.
In the African voice”.
“And this album is really put together to sell Africa through music with a passion”.
“African is my album and you are welcome”.

Watch out for the Afrocan Album by Rapper Yaw Grey tomorrow because it’s going to be a banger.

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