Reasons Why You Should Listen To ShowBiz Agenda Till The End Of The Year And Beyond.

 Reasons Why You Should Listen To ShowBiz Agenda Till The End Of The Year And Beyond.

Award winning radio entertainment Show, Showbiz Agenda, is a mid morning show which airs from 9:00GMT to 12:00GMT On Zylofon Fm(102.1FM) every weekdays and it’s hosted by Samuel Atuobi Baah popularly known as Sammy Flex.
Here are some reasons why you should always tune in.

First of all is the “TWO SURE” Segment, the tactical player, Dj Sticker always commence the show by playing two songs from an artiste Regardless the genre, the probably of hearing songs from your favorite artiste is assured.

Motivational Tweets from listeners, with this, Listeners go on Twitter and tweet at Sammy Flex’s handle or at Zylofon Fm‘s handle and their tweets are read on air. Most tweets from listeners always have the blend of Laughter, wise sayings and up lifting quotes. This tweets and interactions from listeners makes the show to always pop up in the trends with the hashtag (#ShowbizAgenda), listeners also share their thoughts about issues being discussed on the show and they are all read on air.

However, Producer of Showbiz Agenda, Fazbuk Gyata has a new project which makes Artiste Managers get interviewed on the show. With this, listeners get to hear the manager’s side of stories related to the artiste since we’re all used to the artiste’s side of stories. This Artiste Manger Project takes place only on Tuesdays with a time duration of an hour. This project helps listeners to know exactly what’s happening in the camp of an artiste and things managers go through which people don’t see or know.

Despite being an entertainment show, Showbiz Agenda offers listeners some relationship counseling session with De- lady Rev(A life Coach). This session educates listeners on how to maintain or shape their relationship life whether married or single. The Relationship counseling Session is always done on Fridays right after the TWO SURE segment.

Finally, Listeners of Showbiz Agenda get Give Aways every Fridays. Listeners are urged to sing a song from a chosen artiste and the best singer would be picked by the composer of the song after listening carefully but sometimes the winner gets chosen by the general public. The reward or the Give aways are sometimes in a cash form or any electronic device. The appreciations listeners receive for tuning in is the give aways.

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