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UK increases lockdown fines.

PM ease lockdown

UKs’ Prime Minister tonight cautioned that while the lockdown has being eased he would not hesitate to take back his words if the virus raise up.

Lockdown flouters are going to pay higher Fines. Anyone repeatedly flouting the rules could be fined up to £3,200 and first time offenders could have to fined £100 – nearly double the current penalty.

In tonight’s speech, the Prime minister said Brits would be able to head to the park and beach, and even play sport as long as they did with their household.

However, he warned: “You must obey the rules on social distancing and to enforce those rules we will increase the fines for the small minority who break them.”

Prime Minister again said that the government would act immediately if the virus begins to spread again.

He added: “Of course we will be monitoring our progress locally, regionally, and nationally and if there are outbreaks, if there are problems, we will not hesitate to put on the brakes.”

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